Begin your journey

"Hatha Yoga is a very powerful way of living. Power, not over somebody else. It’s all about power to access life."

Begin your journey with us on the yogic path. We are dedicated to transmit the powerful science of Classical Hatha Yoga to humanity in its purest form. The practices and methods offered here have completely transformed our lives and continues to do so. Come and experience Hatha bliss!

If you are interested and not sure about where to start, drop a message or give us a call. We will get in touch with you as soon as we can!


The Teacher

The permanent as well as the guest teachers who take sessions in our studio have undergone an intensive training program under the guidance of Sadhguru. Our quest of seeking something higher, more than the everyday mundane has brought us to Yoga. It has transformed us in ways we never imagined possible. It is our privilege to be able to offer this rare and deep science.

The Studio


The boutique styled studio is a space created solely with the purpose of supporting an individual to turn inward. Feel free to drop by sometime and we will be happy to show you around!